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Personal & Passion

Projects a little closer to the heart

Why America Sucks at EVERYthing

With over 2.3 Million views on YouTube, this video is my second collaboration with the Gravel Institute, a crowd-funded organization promoting progressive ideas.

For this project, I worked on a team of 4 animators to create the compelling visuals for a 12-minute long video essay. I worked on the concepting, production coordination, and was completely responsible for the final assembly of the video.


As a team we created a cable-television visual concept to successfully approach the daunting animation workload. Segments I personally designed and animated include the Cable Television user interface, The American Healthcare Home Shopping Channel, Medical Bill Go-Fund-Me and Susan’s Story.

HOw capitalism exploits you

How Capitalism Exploits You is my first project with the Gravel Institute. This is the beginning of the Gravel Institute’s inclusion of 3D animation in one of their pieces.

I worked on a team of 3 creatives to design the look for this video. Together, we created the contemporary character design and minimal environment, and paired it with a retro-computer animation style.

My responsibilities included the illustration and animation of all the computer UI pieces. I helped composite the 2D face animations on our 3D character, and I also managed the 3D character rigging and animation in Cinema 4D.

Contributing animators for Gravel videos include -->

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