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My name is Alex Marne Noelke

I am a motion designer currently based in Seattle, Washington. I have over 10 years experience working in video production, and for the last 7 years my career focus has been on motion graphics. I’m a self-taught artist, and I work best when expanding my technical knowledge daily. 


I also play in a few bands, and when I’m not making music you can find me playing with power tools, or riding my bike to the middle of nowhere


I was born in Tucson Arizona and raised by enthusiastic hippies with the backdrop of a gorgeous and formidable landscape. Cactus, sprawl, and pop-culture. As a child of the ‘90s, I loved watching Aeon Flux on VHS, late-night Cartoon Network, anime, and early Flash cartoon sites. I remember the first time I saw the Ghost in the Shell and wondering, “How did they animate light reflecting on glass?” These are the moments and influences that still fuel my career in animation.



After Effects is where I am most at home, I work very efficiently in this program. I enjoy building modular workflows, creating complex stacks of effects and problem solving with javascript. I’m also very comfortable in Cinema4D, and I look for any and every excuse to inject 3D animation into my projects. Currently, I’m interested in expanding into AR and VR spaces.  


My weaknesses are illustration and spelling, I prefer working with a designer and copywriter.

shiny (74)_edited_edited.png


I bring personality to projects and add the right flare to the simplest animations.


I look for moments to add something special, I value the small details as a vitally important part of a greater project.


Though my style is a byproduct of the over-the-top visuals of 90's extravagance, I always animate with strong conviction and intention.

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