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David Cross talks America

It's a long video, scroll down for an animation supercut!

Why America Sucks at EVERYthing

With over 2.7 Million views on YouTube, this video is my second collaboration with the Gravel Institute, a crowd-funded organization promoting progressive ideas.


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HOW ??

This was an all-hands on deck production, we embraced a cadavre exquis approach to utilize everyone's skillset, thus creating the cable TV concept. 

I volunteered to be the post-production producer, coordinating the animation timeline and being point-person with the Institute.

Remote work production toolkit included: 

  • Project Tracker with Google Sheets

  • Google Drive for cloud based collaboration

  • Discord Server for communication 

  • Storyboard & Boardmatic approval before ANY animation is done

  • Frequent client updates, and reviews

  • Positive vibes 

Contributing animators for Gravel videos include -->

Animation Breakdowns:

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