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Amazon Motion Reel 2021
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I started working for Amazon in 2014, I have had many different roles around animating, motion design and video production.

The job

Amazon is a global brand with animation needs across social platforms, broadcast television, digital displays and, of course, 


As an internal creative for the Cross-Channel Marketing Team (or XCM), it’s been my job to be a part of advertising campaigns that span these platforms, from the conceptual phase to delivery.

The work

My primary role has always been motion designer, however I am no stranger to the holistic creative production process. I enjoy working on a team creating concepts, discussing art-direction and building production pipelines. I am no stranger to pitching concepts to stakeholders, and I have parsed plenty of egregious feedback into action items.


I’ve created style-guides, motion languages and project templates, and I have led teams of 5+ animators to complete larger productions. I have even collaborated with global teams, and worked with animators in China, Romania and India.


In my time at amazon, I have grown my footprint from the depths of customer service pages to the front page of the website, time-square billboards and prime-time commercials.

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